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Donated by Avco Financial Corp, the Avco World Trophy represented supremacy in the WHA. The playoffs consisted of the 8 top teams in a 3-round, best of 7 format. The exceptions were the '75-'76 season, where the first round was best of 5, the '77-'78 season which saw the top 6 teams make the post season, and the top team coming out of the first round given a bye in the second, and the '78-'79 season. In the final season, five teams made the playoffs with the top 3 getting a bye out of the best of 3 first round.
Sound confusing? It was - but that was the World Hockey Association ...

Upon the demise of the WHA following the '78-'79 season, the Avco World Trophy was awarded permanently to the Winnipeg Jets, the league's last championship team. The trophy was then given to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto in the late '90's. The only team which entered the NHL in 1979 that hadn't won the Avco Cup was the Edmonton Oilers. Ironically though, they're the only team to have won the Stanley Cup (5 times). They're also the only team to survive to this day, as the Nordiques moved to Colorado, the Jets became the Pheonix Coyotes and the Whalers moved to Carolina. Ironic huh? God bless our beloved Oilers - true survivors ...

1972-1973 New England Whalers (over Winnipeg 4-2)
1973-1974Houston Aeros (over Chicago 4-0)
1974-1975Houston Aeros (over Quebec 4-0)
1975-1976Winnipeg Jets (over Houston 4-0)
1976-1977Quebec Nordiques (over Winnipeg 4-3)
1977-1978Winnipeg Jets (over New England 4-0)
1978-1979Winnipeg Jets (over Edmonton 4-2)

Scroll down for the list of individual honours, most given out during all 7 years of the WHA's operations. Except for the Playoff MVP Award, all trophies were originally named after key people instrumental in the formation and running of the league, though two awards received name changes after the second season.

Most Valuable Player
Gary L DavidsonGordie HoweOriginally named the Gary L. Davidson Award in honour of one of the two league co-founders, also the original owner of the L A Sharks. It was re-named the Gordie Howe Trophy for the '74-'75 season, after Howe won it himself the year before - - but never again.

1972-73 = BOBBY HULL (Winnipeg Jets)
1973-74 = GORDIE HOWE (Houston Aeros)
1974-75 = BOBBY HULL (Winnipeg Jets)
1975-76 = MARC TARDIF (Quebec Nordiques)
1976-77 = ROBBIE FTOREK (Phoenix Roadrunners)
1977-78 = MARC TARDIF (Quebec Nordiques)
1978-79 = DAVE DRYDEN (Edmonton Oilers)

Scoring Leader
Wild Bill HunterThe Bill Hunter Trophy - - named in honour of one of the original WHA patriarchs, Bill Hunter was influential in WHA hockey in Canada and a legend in the sports world across Alberta. Then-owner of the junior Edmonton Oil Kings, he was one of the first people to truly grasp the concept of the anti-NHL mentality. The trophy was awarded to the player with the highest combined goals/assists at the end of the regular season. Hunter also gained notoriety in the early 80's when he reached an agreement in principle to buy the St Louis Blues and move them to Saskatchewan. The deal was veto'd by the NHL. He died in 2002.

1972-73 = ANDRE LACROIX (Philadelphia Blazers)
1973-74 = MIKE WALTON (Minnesota Fighting Saints)
1974-75 = ANDRE LACROIX (San Diego Mariners)
1975-76 = MARC TARDIF (Quebec Nordiques)
1976-77 = REAL CLOUTIER (Quebec Nordiques)
1977-78 = MARC TARDIF (Quebec Nordiques)
1978-79 = REAL CLOUTIER (Quebec Nordiques)

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Playoff MVP
Explanation really shouldn't be necessary ...

1972-73 = not awarded
1973-74 = not awarded
1974-75 = RON GRAHAME (Houston Aeros)
1975-76 = ULF NILSSON (Winnipeg Jets)
1976-77 = SERGE BERNIER (Quebec Nordiques)
1977-78 = ROBERT GUINDON (Winnipeg Jets)
1978-79 = RICH PRESTON (Winnipeg Jets)

All-Star MVP
Explanation really shouldn't be necessary ...

1973 = WANYNE CARLETON (Ottawa Nationals)
1974 = MIKE WALTON (Minnesota Fighting Saints)
1975 = REJEAN HOULE (Quebec Nordiques)
1976 = Canada - REAL CLOUTIER (Quebec Nordiques) - - USA - PAUL SHMYR (Cleveland Crusaders)
1977 = East - LOUIS LEVASSEUR (Minnesota Fighting Saints) - - West - WILLIE LINDSTROM (Winnipeg Jets)
1978 = Champions - MARC TARDIF (Quebec Nordiques) - - League all-stars - MARK HOWE (New England Whalers)
1979 = not awarded

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Rookie Of The Year
The Lou Kaplan Trophy - - named after ?????????????????????

1972-73 = TERRY CAFFERY (New England Whalers)
1973-74 = MARK HOWE (Houston Aeros)
1974-75 = ANDERS HEDBERG (Winnipeg Jets)
1975-76 = MARK NAPIER (Toronto Toros)
1976-77 = GEORGE LYLE (New England Whalers)
1977-78 = KENT NILSSON (Winnipeg Jets)
1978-79 = WAYNE GRETZKY (Indianapolis Racers/Edmonton Oilers)

Best Goaltender
Ben HatskinThe Ben Hatskin Trophy - - named after the original owner of the Winnipeg Jets and one-time chairman of the league. The trophy was given to the goaltender with the best Goals Against Average with a minimum of 30 games played. He originally was slated to own the Honolulu franchise of the World Football League. Hatskin, a legend in Manitoba sporting circles and a member of that province's Sports Hall of Fame, died in 1990.

1972-73 = GERRY CHEEVERS (Cleveland Crusaders)
1973-74 = DON McLEOD (Houston Aeros)
1974-75 = RON GRAHAME (Houston Aeros)
1975-76 = MICHEL DION (Indianapolis Racers)
1976-77 = RON GRAHAME (Houston Aeros)
1977-78 = AL SMITH (New England Whalers)
1978-79 = DAVE DRYDEN (Edmonton Oilers)

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Top Defenceman
Dennis A MurphyThe Dennis A Murphy Trophy - - named after one of the two original league owners.

1972-73 = JC TREMBLAY (Quebec Nordiques)
1973-74 = PAT STAPLETON (Chicago Cougars)
1974-75 = JC TREMBLAY (Quebec Nordiques)
1975-76 = PAUL SHMYR (Cleveland Crusaders)
1976-77 = RON PLUMB (Cincinnati Stingers)
1977-78 = LARS-ERIK SHOEBERG (Winnipeg Jets)
1978-79 = RICK LEY (New England Whalers)

Coach Of The Year
Howard BaldwinOriginally named the Howard Baldwin Trophy in honour of the New England Whaler's patriarch, it was re-named the Robert Schmertz Memorial Trophy in memory of the club's prior owner, who'd succumbed to cancer in 1974.

1972 - 73 = JACK KELLEY (New England Whalers)
1973 - 74 = BILL HARRIS (Toronto Toros)
1974 - 75 = SANDY HUCUL (Phoenix Roadrunners)
1975 - 76 = BOBBY KROMM (Winnipeg Jets)
1976 - 77 = BILL DINEEN (Houston Aeros)
1977 - 78 = BILL DINEEN (Houston Aeros)
1978 - 79 = JOHN BROPHY (Birmingham Bulls)

Most Gentlemanly Player
Yes .... there was a trophy for this. But until they have a Don Cherry Award - - I refuse to condone turtling or any aspect of cowardly play.

WHA All-time Statistical Leaders


andre lacroix
1. Andre Lacroix
Blazers/Golden Blades/Knights

2. Marc Tardif

3. Bobby Hull

4. Serge Bernier

5. Real Cloutier

6. Robbie Ftorek

7. Gordie Howe

8. Mark Howe

9. Chris Bordeleau

10. Ulf Nilsson

11. Anders Hedberg

12. Larry Lund

tom webster
13. Tom Webster

jc tremblay
14. JC Tremblay

danny lawson
15. Danny Lawson

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